Crucial SPonsor: Avocado Print

Crucialfest 2014 is rapidly approaching and we have a few sponsors we'd like to thank. 

New to the fest this year is Avocado Print, a full service design and print store located in Salt Lake City. They are helping us print our shirts, posters, flyers, coozies and all the rest of the rad CF swag you'll see this year. We're stoked to have them on board! Check out their site at, then start a band and have your shirts printed there. 

Big thanks to Annie and Chuck!

Twitter: @avocadoprint

May 09, 2014

SLC supports Local Arts/Music!

This year Salt Lake City is sponsoring CrucialFest! This is a win for the many young and talented artists and musicians in Salt Lake. The funds we recieved came from the Salt Lake Signautre events fund, the same fund that sponsors The Utah Arts Festival and Living Traditions. This demonstrates that SLC is ready to support the indie art/music scene in Salt Lake and Exigent is proud to partner with the city in presenting CrucialFest 3! 

Tickets will go on presale May 6th at 9:00 am via Kickstarter. They will also be available at all Graywhale locations in the near future. For more information visit or vist our FB community page.

May 03, 2013

listen: Exigent on

Chris at invited us on his podcast and we were happy to chat with him about the label, our new releases and CrucialFest 3. Listen to the interview and be sure to check out the rest of the episodes in his archive. 

Feb 09, 2013

SlUg Mag Reviews "Slippery Slopes" by Harmon's Heart

Harmons Heart Slippery Slopes

Harmon’s Heart
Slippery Slopes  
Exigent Records 
Street: 11.06.12
Harmon’s Heart = Grizzly Bear + Porcupine Tree  
Jarom Bischoff, owner of Salt Lake’s hardcore label Exigent Records, has decided to play the part of songwriter. His solid acoustic guitar work and vocals are the centerpiece of the album, and there is plenty of instrumental variance to keep you on your toes. A few other local musicians provide backup with violin, banjo, organ and electronic beats. The instrumental additions do a good job of adding depth and uniqueness to what could otherwise be dismissed as a typical proggy singer/songwriter sound. The album ends on a high note with “In Between,” a catchy head-bobber that encapsulates the creativity of the album in one track. The album is worth a listen for anyone who pays attention to Exigent or is willing to unplug from the local hardcore scene for a few songs. –Jesse Thomas

Feb 04, 2013

WEbsite Launched!

Exigent Records teamed up with web imagineer Joseph Mecham (Empire of Whales) to create a real website for us. 

Check back here to find news about upcoming projects and events. Visit the shows tab to see some of your favorite exigent artists performing in your town. 

Exigent Records

SLC. Hardcore. since 2003. 

Jan 29, 2013

SLUG MAG Reviews "Headless" by Accidente

Exigent Records
Street: 10.19.12
Accidente = Acid Tiger + The Blood Brothers
With an opening track eye-catchingly titled “Listen Bitch,” Accidente kick off their most recent endeavor with a chunky bass line as frontman Peter Mackowski emits sarcastic, guttural growls that build into a riffy number. Mackowski continues the growls into “Pundit” with the aid of the band’s piquant sense of guitar melody that is always in motion as the band chants, “It’s all so black and white!” “Roofie Closet” continues Accidente’s sardonic attitude with the opening lyrical line, “You know what I want, baby …” (Read the title), which jumps into rock n’ roll hooks and bends atop a bossy rhythm section. My one slight criticism of the release is that sometimes the constant shifting of the guitar parts loses itself in a wash that forsakes dynamics, not allowing the instrumental mastery to shine through. “Death-Blood-Skulls-Dragons-and-Stuff,” however, shows Accidente using more demarcated riffs that evidence their ability to break their mold and use this energy to finish out the album with finesse. –Alexander Ortega (via

Oct 19, 2012

Slug Mag Reviews "Taker Mythology" by Starvist

Taker Mythology
Exigent Records
Street: 06.22.12
Starvist = Converge + Bone Dance
Just as their album art suggests, Starvist saw off rhino horns with Taker Mythology, a fresh gulp of contemporary hardcore. Drummer Chase Cluff is a technical beast in his own right as he seamlessly transitions from technical rolls on his snare and slides into a smooth 6/8 beat with fluffy ride taps in “You Just Don’t Fool Me Twice.” Cluff propels the band into “Cash Cow,” where I still find myself astonished that this band is only a three-piece. Guitarist Matt Wiley seems to multiply his guitar tones with tight intervals, Tyson Clegg exhibits apt technical precision with deep, sonorous bass lines with saber-tooth tiger roars. The climax of the album at track five, “All You Can Eat,” exhibits Starvist’s knack for creating sonic whirlwinds with dissonant guitar work and Cluff’s apt time-signature switches. This local album is a must-have—more so because Davide Mancini’s album art is brutal. –Alexander Ortega (via

Jun 22, 2012

SLUG MAG Reviews "Infinite Apology" by Worst Friends

Worst Friends
Infinite Apology
Exigent Records
Street: 11.11.11
Worst Friends = Fugazi x Capsule
Having recorded this album as a two-piece, (pre bassist Elliot Secrist), Mike Cundick and Jarom Bischoff exhibit their impeccable knack for creating rock songs that are both virtuosic and passionate without lapsing into cheesiness. Opener “Nah Dude” pulsates with a riff that sounds like it is finger-picked, oscillating betwixt the lower and higher strings, which moves in a consistent, choral way, which explodes into erratic strumming. Bischoff rolls on the snare to sound off for “Blood and Guts” as the two switch off on vocals over a break-down-y beat. Cundick’s noodly guitar calls to mind Minus the Bear as he sings powerfully and with ease. Worst Friends treat listeners to instrumental tracks—e.g. “Flip Your Lid” and “This Is Not a Loom Song”—demonstrating that rock can pierce emotions devoid of lyrical content. The pulsing “Cache Valley Sucks” and dynamic, noisy “Swamp Eagle” close out the release to suggest that you should definitely see Worst Friends live. –Alexander Ortega (via

Nov 11, 2011