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Rock musical movies are a relatively new phenomenon in film. They usually focus on the story of one band and how they got their start. Some have been critically acclaimed, while others have been box office bombs. In any case, rock musicals have become an interesting sub-genre of films with a lot of potential for future success.

The rock of ages is a musical movie that tells the story of a rock band’s quest to make it big. It stars actors like Chris Daughtry, Drew Seeley, and Sheryl Crow.

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Are you looking for a good rock musical movie to watch on Netflix? Well, look no further! Here are some of the best ones that you can find!

What is a rock musical movie?

A rock musical movie is a movie that features rock music as its soundtrack. This can include popular songs from well-known artists, or original songs composed specifically for the film. The rock musical genre has its roots in the 1960s, when films like A Hard Day’s Night and The T.A.M.I. Show featured performances by popular bands of the time. Since then, many movies have been made that feature rock music, either as diegetic (part of the story) or non-diegetic (background) music. Some examples of well-known rock musical movies include Almost Famous, School of Rock, and Pink Floyd: The Wall.

Netflix has a great selection of rock musical movies that are perfect for any fan of the genre. From classics like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” to more recent hits like “School of Rock”, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a funny movie or a heart-warming story, Netflix has got you covered.

What are the best rock musical movies?

There are a lot of great rock musical movies out there, but here are our top five:

1. “Almost Famous” (2000) – This movie is based on the true story of journalist Cameron Crowe and his time spent following the band Stillwater around on their tour. It’s funny, heartwarming, and features an amazing soundtrack with classic rock songs.

2. “This Is Spinal Tap” (1984) – This mockumentary follows the fictional British metal band Spinal Tap on their disastrous tour of America. It’s hilarious and still holds up today as one of the best rock films ever made.

3. “The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years” (1988) – This documentary takes a look at the Los Angeles metal scene in the 1980s and features interviews and performances from some of the biggest bands of the era, including Metallica, Megadeth, and Alice Cooper.

4. “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” (1979) – This cult classic follows a group of high school students who rebel against their strict principal by forming a punk rock band. It’s silly and fun, with great music from Ramones, Blondie, and Devo.

5. “School of Rock” (2003) – In this film, Jack Black stars as a down-on-his-luck musician who poses as a substitute teacher at an elite private school. He then proceeds to teach his young charges how to rock out! It’s a feel-good movie with great tunes from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and more.

What are the most underrated rock musical movies?

Rock of Ages is a musical comedy-drama film directed by Adam Shankman and based on the 2006 rock jukebox Broadway musical Rock of Ages by Chris D’Arienzo. The film stars Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Crui

What are the worst rock musical movies?

There are a lot of them. And they’re all pretty bad.

What are the most iconic rock musical movies?

Rock of Ages is a musical drama film directed by Adam Shankman, based on the 2006 rock jukebox Broadway musical Rock of Ages by Chris D’Arienzo. The film stars Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Mary J. Blige.

The movie follows Sherrie Christian (Hough), a small-town girl with big dreams of becoming a rock star. When she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream, she meets Drew Boley (Boneta), a wannabe rock star who works at the local club where Stacee Jaxx (Cruise), an actual rock star, is performing.

Despite their different backgrounds and aspirations, Sherrie and Drew fall in love and must fight to keep their relationship alive as they navigate the highs and lows of the 1980s Los Angeles rock scene. Along the way, they learn that even if your dreams don’t all come true, love can still make everything worthwhile.

So there you have it: Rock of Ages is the perfect movie for anyone who loves classic rock music or wants to relive the glory days of hair bands and MTV. If you’re looking for other great movies about music and musicians, check out some of our other favorites like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, A Star Is Born, or Bohemian Rhapsody.

What are the most influential rock musical movies?

The most influential rock musical movies tend to be those that feature great performances by iconic musicians, or that have groundbreaking soundtracks. Here are five of the most influential rock musical movies:

1. “Rock of Ages” (Netflix) – This movie features an all-star cast of classic rockers, including Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, and Russell Brand. The soundtrack is packed with hits from Guns N’ Roses, Journey, Def Leppard, and more.

2. “The Blues Brothers” (Netflix) – This movie features legendary blues musicians such as John Lee Hooker and James Brown. The soundtrack includes classics like “Soul Man” and “Sweet Home Chicago.”

3. “This Is Spinal Tap” (Amazon Prime) – This mockumentary follows a fictional British heavy metal band on their disastrous American tour. The movie’s satirical take on the music industry is still relevant today.

4. “Purple Rain” (Hulu) – Prince stars in this 1984 film about a struggling musician trying to make it big in the Minneapolis music scene. The film’s soundtrack includes some of Prince’s biggest hits, like “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy.”

5. “Almost Famous” (HBO Now) – This coming-of-age drama follows a teenage journalist who goes on tour with a up-and-coming rock band in the early 1970s. The film captures the excitement and chaos of life on the road with a killer soundtrack featuring Led Zeppelin, Elton John, and more.

What are the most underrated rock songs in movies?

There are plenty of great rock songs that have been used in movies, but there are also quite a few underrated ones. Here are a few examples of some awesome tunes that didn’t get the credit they deserved.

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister – This song was used in the cult classic film “The Breakfast Club”, and it perfectly captured the rebellious spirit of the characters. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by other songs on the soundtrack, such as Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”.

“I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister – Another great tune from Twisted Sister, this one was used in the movie “Rocky IV”. It’s an upbeat anthem that gets you pumped up, but it again didn’t get much attention compared to other songs on the soundtrack.

“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC – This song is featured in one of the most popular films of all time, “Wayne’s World”. However, many people don’t realize that it’s actually AC/DC playing in the scene. It’s a hilarious moment in the movie, and the song is awesome too.

These are just a few examples of some great rock songs that have been criminally underrated in movies. So next time you watch your favorite film, pay attention to the music and see if you can spot any hidden gems!

The “rock of ages full movie” is a musical film that tells the story of three people who each have their own rock band. The story takes place in 1980s Los Angeles and follows the bands as they try to make it big.

Frequently Asked Questions

What movies used rock music?

The top 10 films featuring classic rock soundtracks are listed below. Dreamworks’ “Almost Famous”; Virgin Records’ “Blow”; and Giant Records’ “Dazed And Confused” album. MCA Records’ “Easy Rider.” Elektra Records’ “Fast Times At Ridgemont High.” Fontana/”Fear Geffen’s and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Rhino Records, “Juno.” In “Pirate Radio.”

What rock bands made movies?

10 bands who have appeared in films Studio 666 hosted the Foo Fighters. The Foo Fighters. In A Hard Day’s Night, The Beatles. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band features Aerosmith. Rude Boy, featuring The Clash The Phantom of the Park and Kiss collide. The Pick Of Destiny, starring Tenacious D. The Ramones at Rock ‘N’ Roll High. The Children in Unoccupied Hands

What came first Rock of Ages movie or musical?

Based on Chris D’Arienzo’s rock jukebox Broadway musical Rock of Ages, the 2012 American jukebox musical comedy film Rock of Ages was directed by Adam Shankman.

What is the most used rock song in movies?

Top 10 Classic Rock Songs Used in Films Wayne’s World in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Old Time Rock and Roll: Dangerous Business Jonathan B. Stealers Wheel – Reservoir Dogs’ “Stuck In The Middle With You”. Derek and the Dominos’ “Layla” from the film Goodfellas. Say Anything about Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”

What should I watch after Bohemian Rhapsody?

10 excellent music biopics, including Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman Joy Division and Ian Curtis: Control (2007) Morrissey: I Own England (2017) The Doors, Jim Morrison (1991) The Rolling Stones and Brian Jones: Stoned (2005) What’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner (1993) The song All Is By My Side by Jimi Hendrix (2013).

What bands have movies about them?

Films Featuring (Real) Bands The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ ascent is told in “Jersey Boys.” ‘Backbeat’ (1994) “A Hard Night’s Night” (1964) In “The Doors” (1991) In “The Runaways” (2010) ‘Control’ (2007) 24/7 Party People (2002) ‘Stoned’ (2005)

What should I watch after Almost Famous?

23 Films Like Almost Famous to Watch After Almost Famous (2000) (2000) 2003’s The Station Agent; 2011’s 50/50; Once, 2007. 2006’s Stranger Than Fiction 1999 elections. 2007, The Visitor 2009’s Adventureland

Which rock band has released a full length horror film featuring themselves?

Our name was brought up in a meeting with a movie company three years ago by a friend. We’ve always wanted to work with the Foo Fighters on a horror film, they said. I received a text from him and immediately responded, “That’s the craziest notion I’ve ever heard.” We were composing the music for our previous album.

Did Tom Cruise do his own singing in Rock of Ages?

Cruise spent months perfecting his singing voice in preparation for the movie, which hits cinemas on June 15. Literally four or five hours a day were spent singing by him. According to Shankman, “There’s no 100% with him, there’s 10,000%. He wouldn’t stop, and I began to worry he was going to blow out his voice.”

Who is Stacee Jaxx character based on?

Trivia (52) Tom Cruise heavily drew inspiration from Jim Morrison and Axl Rose for his portrayal of Stacee Jaxx. At the premiere, Poison and Def Leppard gave live performances while in front of a Bourbon Room background. Pour Some Sugar On Me, a song by Def Leppard, is dedicated to “our close buddy Stacee Jaxx.”

Is Rock of Ages available on Netflix?

Netflix on DVD offers DVD and Blu-ray rentals for Rock of Ages (2012).

Where can I see the movie Rockstar?

You can watch the music video Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Flemyng, right now. You can watch it on Redbox, VUDU on your Roku device, Apple TV, Prime Video, Apple TV, and Vudu Movie & TV Store.

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